To be pioneers in personalized healthcare across the region and globally.


We at Al Khalidi Hospital are committed to providing excellent patient care. With over 45 years of serving our community locally and internationally, we’ve learnt that personalized care is our strength. Patient safety, comfort and continuous performance improvement are our top priorities.

As leaders and pioneers in the healthcare sector, we aim to always stay up to date with our medical care. We do this by adopting the latest technology and training to positively impact the lives of our patients.


  • Leadership: Lead by example.  Motivate and inspire every team member to reach their full potential.
  • Excellence: Excellence in our service and know-how. Be the best at delivering the highest staff performance through continuous education and training.
  • Respect: Respectful and kind with our treatment. Treat all patients, their families, stakeholders and colleagues with dignity and thoughtfulness.
  • Integrity: Committed to the highest standard of ethics and professionalism in our care and treatment to maintain the trust of our patients.
  • Safety: Committed to the highest standard of care by continuously monitoring and adopting the highest safety measures in the healthcare industry.

“Caring for you all the way”