Founded in 1978, Al Khalidi Hospital was the first private hospital in Jordan with the vision of reshaping healthcare in the region. Dr. Ibrahim Al Khalidi was the hospital’s first CEO and Medical Director, as a founder he began his journey with the hospital as an institution specialized in maternal care.
Over time the vision grew to include a multi-specialty hospital with the best medical services and care in the private sector. Today Al Khalidi is a 160-bed facility, with 7 operating rooms, 20 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds and 5 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) beds. The Emergency Room specializes in minor surgeries, cardio-pulmonary resuscitations, and minor orthopedic surgery. Additionally, it includes an observation area that offers emergency services 24 hours a day with 3 ambulances.
As pioneers in the healthcare industry, we are very dedicated to our patients’ well-being, making sure everyone is treated as a family member. For over 45 years in the business, Al Khalidi Hospital has prided itself on the strength of each team member and the long-lasting relationships it created in the medical industry along the way. Most of the hospital’s employees have been around for over 15 years, further enhancing the family values at the institution.

The Hospital’s journey continues to grow with the management of Dr. Karim Al Khalidi whose goal is to make sure we are leaders in personalized healthcare across the region and globally. With a highly experienced team of specialists and healthcare practitioners, respect and integrity are at the core of our values, ensuring professionalism in all the practices and services we provide.

‘We make sure all our patients feel at home when getting treated and diagnosed. It is our duty and passion to ensure the best care and treatment is being provided, our care is personalized, and we make sure this is reflected by our team.’ Dr. Karim Al Khalidi, CEO.
Jordan is very popular in medical tourism and Al Khalidi Hospital is a proud contributor. The hospital has broken the country’s barriers and touched the lives of those internationally as well. We have become the go-to for healthcare services to non-Jordanian patients with approximately 40% of regional and international patients from KSA, Iraq, Libya, and non-Arab countries. Our customer care department makes sure all patients, international and local, are being taken care of in terms of their logistics, accommodation and any issues they might come across. This is the Al Khalidi vision, the Al Khalidi way.

Our hospital is accredited by the HCAC and holds the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System certification to maintain and ensure a certain standard of care for all our customers and stakeholders.

“Caring for you all the way”