The Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Department at Al Khalidi Hospital is a fully digital, state-of-the-art comprehensive unit working around the clock and manned by a highly experienced and specialized team of doctors and technicians. The department is linked to the whole hospital with the PACS system through intranet and internet connections. It is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the best diagnostic and medical care.

The Unit contains:

  • Fully digital X-Ray department
  • Multi-slice CT Scan (256iCT Briliance). All diagnostic examinations inducing CT angiogram for the whole body and CT coronary angiogram
  • Advanced 3T MRI and other 1.5 T MRI
  • Ultrasound with Doppler studies and 4d
  • Digital Mammogram Unit with Tomosenthesis

The scope of service also covers different interventional procedures including vascular and non-vascular operations such as:

  1. Diagnostic angiograms
  2. CT and Ultrasound guided biopsies and drainages
  3. Peripheral angioplasties and stenting. Abdominal and thoracic endovascular stent graft
  4. All kinds of embolization to treat hemorrhage, AVM and tumors with chemo-embolization including the use of Beads or microspheres.
  5. Endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms and AVM by coiling or embolization
  6. G.l procedures including biliary tree stenting
  7. Interventional urological procedures (nephrostomies and double catheter insertion)
  8. Tumor ablation with radiofrequency
  9. Fibroid embolization