The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the 7th of April is World Health Day, as a reminder of its establishment on April 7th in 1948. Through a journey that lasted for 79 years, the World Health Organization has provided the needed care, improving public health and delivering it to whoever needs it. In this matter, whole countries have united to establish the WHO, so all people in the world would have access to the highest level of health care.

This day calls for the global unit to provide care for all, protect individuals and stay updated on the new medical issues. Many people are unable to cover health expenses, as they give the greatest importance to daily expenses. such as food, drink, and housing, and they can’t afford taking care of their health. Therefore, this day is based on promoting the idea of comprehensive health and care as a confirmation of the basic idea and vision of the World Health Organization.

The goals of World Health Day

Focusing on health economics and health care.

Meeting all health needs for all parties and classes.

Increasing awareness about environmental health; the general health that is related to natural environmental aspects, affecting human health.

The previous themes focused on nurses, midwives, depression and general health coverage. This year, the theme goes in parallel with WHO’s vision, including “the global efforts for health for all” and “my health, my right”.

Challenges in the health sector

The biggest challenge has always been providing health to the 3rd world countries, and providing national funds to fill the gaps in health systems and secure their infrastructure. Therefore, when this investment is secured and efforts are made to achieve it, such as international agencies, governments and societies, this would lead to saving a greater number of lives, and achieving abundance and efficiency in health care, until 2030.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization.

Al Khalidi Hospital is a symbol of healthcare

Al Khalidi Hospital is a main platform for calling for everyone’s right to health and a home for all those who need proper healthcare. It emphasized the importance of health for all through its participation in many initiatives, such as the Gift of Life Amman Gola, which focused on helping less fortunate children with heart diseases. In addition to the awareness efforts through which the hospital seeks to hold conferences and sessions that call for establishing patients’ rights and meeting their needs. The hospital is also working within its strategic plan to continuously expand the scope of its services, search for modernity in medical devices, attract experts in various fields, care for patients across the Middle East, and facilitate procedures for them, to enhance their sense of comfort and ensure that they are in safe hands.

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