It has always been a major factor in many chronic diseases and difficult health conditions, such as heart diseases, strokes, and certain types of cancer; including cancer of the uterus, breast, kidney and prostate. The world faces many fears about it and its consequences, and hence the so-called World Obesity Day arose, which is dedicated to spreading awareness about obesity, and educating the world and youth about its risks. This event is held for one day, but with continuous global efforts.

Obesity day 2024: let’s talk about obesity and…

Every year, on 4th of March, World Obesity Day is held to emphasize that it goes beyond its “usual” meanings that are related to lifestyles, however, it becomes a concern, and in some cases, a disease that must be aware of, reducing its complications and health issues.

“Let’s talk about obesity and…” is the 2024 theme, under which the world’s direction is to talk more about obesity and raise awareness in this regard, in addition, promote the concept of health and the serious diseases that obesity causes. As a result, the world has opened the door of discussion between all parties, to have a deeper perspective, concluding a real solution.

In a collective global drive to eliminate the blame and inconvenience associated with those affected by obesity, and to ensure that the problem of obesity is addressed globally, we must work to create healthy and sustainable environments where people can live longer and healthier lives. Because young people are the most influential, they played a major role during this year in developing the concept of creating a healthy environment, capable of reducing diseases such as obesity, reducing air pollution and achieving stability in our climate.

Obesity in 2035

There are many fears from this issue. Here are some predictions from recent studies in this regard in 2035:

● 1.9 billion people will be affected by obesity.

● $4.32 trillion estimated global economic impact of overweight.

● Childhood obesity rates are expected to increase by 100% between 2020 and 2035.

● It is expected that 1 in 4 people will suffer from obesity.

Al Khalidi’s role

The hospital’s role in this matter can only be noted as a pioneering among others in the regard, by opening several departments related to nutrition, meeting all the medical needs, and strengthening its departments with qualified personnel. Adding to gastric sleeve, Al Khalidi has generated the BariClip surgery, the biggest revolution in obesity surgeries, and made a great success offering a noninvasive method with outstanding results, with zero pain to patients dreaming of getting rid of obesity.

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