More than 100 thousand kidney transplant operations were conducted in 2022 only, according to the global data organization, Statista. The number might seem high at first sight, however, the number of patients who are looking to have this surgery is much higher as it is considered the ultimate solution for kidney failure.

Overview of kidney transplant
Kidney failure is a condition that affects around 10% of the population globally, which is 800 million individuals. While the number increases year by year, kidney transplant raises as an option on the table.

A kidney transplant is the process of placing a healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor into a patient whose kidney no longer functions for any reason. When the kidney fails, the body’s ability to filter harmful materials and waste from the blood reduces, exposing the body to many dangerous diseases.

When does a kidney transplant become a necessity?
To address this question, we need to dive into the reasons that cause kidney failure, which the following are some of:
– Diabetes
High sugar levels in the blood make it difficult for the kidneys to do their job. As a result, they begin leaking albumin (proteins) into the urine. If this condition continues for years, the damage becomes irreversible, putting the patient in urgent need of a kidney transplant.
– High blood pressure
There are 2 ways by which high blood pressure affects the kidney; one is acute kidney failure caused by malignant hypertension that damages renal tissue, or it can develop over years from untreatable high blood pressure that destroys the blood vessels within the kidneys.
– Cancer
Kidney cancer can be untreatable in advanced stages which makes the transplant the only solution left. Other kinds like prostate cancer in men and uterine cancer in women can also be harmful to the kidneys.

Al Khalidi Hospital mastering kidney transplantation
Al Khalidi Hospital is very familiar with kidney transplant surgeries and we are happy to announce that all these surgeries have been successful so far. The hospital is equipped with the best knowhow and technology for such surgeries. For years Al Khalidi has been the go to for these complex cases. A lot of these patients are international patients who opt for Al Khalidi because of the hospital’s long experience and history.
For these patients Al Khalidi has a dedicated Customer Care Team that facilitates their travel logistics, such as visa applications, accommodation and transportation. The team also coordinates with the consultants to make sure all the required tests and documents are in place for both the donor and patient.

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