Obesity is a serious health condition that affects both adults and youth worldwide as it has negative health effects in the long run. Bariatric surgeries including sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass have proven to be highly effective. The BariClip in particular positively impacts individuals who are not lucky enough with non-surgical methods without resulting in side effects.
Sneak peek at the BariClip surgery
The BariClip is a 15-cm length bar tool of silicone-covered titanium positioned laparoscopically around the tummy wall surface to restrict the food capacity, achieving the same gastric sleeve surgery effects without removing parts of the stomach. The secret behind this technology is preventing the food from going to the rest parts of the stomach, making it smaller in one sort and causing a feeling of fullness constantly.

How did this technology revolutionize the bariatric surgery world?
For starters, no parts of the stomach are removed, which is a comfort for most patients who are scared of gastric bypass surgeries. Moreover the invasive procedures are not significant and associated with almost zero side effects.

In addition, most people think about the reversibility aspect when thinking about the BariClip; doctors can remove the device once needed or according to the patient’s desire.

The expected weight loss caused by the surgery is 30 – 35% of the patient’s original weight, whereas they experience more weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy as the average goes up to 70 – 80%.

Mainly the procedure doesn’t cause any changes to the Ghrelin hormones which manage cravings as well as limit the body’s food consumption, adding to the gastric communication with the mind. It is also notable that the estimated time for the BariClip device to last is 20 years, however, the lengthiest period that has been implemented is 9 years.

Al Khalidi Hospital – pioneers of the BariClip in the Middle East

Always aiming to be pioneers in the health industry and fully dedicated to providing the best medical care to their patients, Al Khalidi was the first to introduce the BariClip surgeries in the Middle East in collaboration with the top bariatric surgeons in Jordan.

The BariClip revolutionized bariatric surgeries with its amazing results and minimally invasive procedure. In a recent operation, the patient lost 17 kgs in 2 months with a very smooth recovery. “I was looking for an effective and safe solution for obesity away from sleeve gastrectomy then I found out that the BariClip is the best choice as no parts of the stomach were removed” – Ahmad’s testimonial, Al Khalidi patient.


BariClip: The Brand-new Bariatric Clip for Weight-loss

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